Comics I Am Really Digging Right Now Edition
Posted September 14, 2015 at 12:00 am

Man, I was catching up on some comics lately, and I was thinking, damn, I really like these comics.  So I wanted to recommend some comics that are PARTICULARLY killing it right now.  I have most of my favorites (sans super obvious things like xkcd and smbc and other four-letter-name comics) listed over at the links but these are ones I am just super hype about at this particular moment.

Headless Bliss - Aw man, I have been digging this since it started, and I have been digging it more and more and more as it goes on.  Also, I made the site design so BIAS.  Honorable mention to Chloe's other comic, Go Get a Roomie, which has also been remarkably good for the past... months? Several months.

Kaspall - This comic is almost over and you guys need to read it.  It is just so good.  I have been recommending it since I started reading it hrm-hrm many years ago.  It is some cool fantasy/mystery/horror/drama/comedy/COOL SHIT.  I kind of hope the author continues to do something with this universe after the end of Kaspall, especially since the last few pages have been really implying there's much more story to be told, but I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

Prague Race - Another really freaking cool fantasy/drama/comedy comic.  It feels like it's really hitting its stride right now, and I think people ~in general~ are starting to really catch on to this particular cool shit.

Snarlbear - THE COLORS.  THE COLORS!!!! But also just a wild ride.  I just really jive with how the general flow of the narrative has been... if that... makes sense. At all.

I also updated my links page as well to reflect some other things I've been reading recently or have overlooked! So if you're one of those types that never knows what to read, well, there you go. (Hey, it's how I found all of my favorite webcomics before fancy things like... well... Hiveworks.)

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