Name: Maximillian (Max) Macallister
Occupation: recently unemployed minion
Age: 23
Languages: English
Likes: taking things apart
Dislikes: making important decisions



Name: Emiko (Emi) Arai
Occupation: Maid
Age: 22
Languages: English, Japanese, Korean
Likes: peace and quiet
Dislikes: rude and cynical types



Name: Marcus Madera
Occupation: President of Bureaucrats Unlimited
Age: 32
Languages: English, Spanish, C++, Python, Java
Likes: making people mad
Dislikes: people touching his stuff



Name: Rebecca (Becca) Flores
Occupation: Marcus' secretary...? Sure. Right.
Age: 33
Languages: English, Spanish
Likes: nothing, probably
Dislikes: everything, probably



Name: Cecily Crane
Occupation: CEO of Doomcorps
Age: 24
Languages: English, Spanish, Latin, French
Likes: common sense
Dislikes: incompetence



Name: John Bartleby
Occupation: bodyguard and personal assistant to Miss Crane
Age: 38
Languages: English, Spanish
Likes: knowing what's going on
Dislikes: not knowing what's going on

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