Posted May 4, 2020 at 03:05 pm

I have purchased a house and this week I am in the process of moving into it! Despite the fact that I do have a slight bit of buffer right now, I'm giving myself a bit of leeway and taking this week off to focus on getting my house in order, especially since that involves moving lots of snakes and snake eggs and building various things for the room that will be devoted to them!

So this week is going to be a break in posting, but there are still some new pages available on Patreon if you're a patron there, and there might be even more up before this break ends depending on how quickly or slowly things get settled.  That being said, new pages will continue here on the main site on the 11th! Thank you for your patience in allowing me to get through this with something of a buffer so I don't go 100% insane.

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