MORE posting from the past
Posted April 14, 2014 at 12:00 am

AW MAN, future me is probably super glad that I'm posting this Friday night and not Sunday night, because future me is probably getting crunk (read: eating beef ribs) on the riverwalk in good old San Antone (read: San Antonio) right now.  Future me is probably too heavy with meats to remember to update comics. 

However, past (present?) me is mindful, and also past me has things to show you.  Which you've already seen if you follow my tumblr, but hey, most of you don't.  I think.  (I can't blame you, the whole place kinda smells like cheese and nerd funk.)  But here's a mockup of a cover I made for a prototype Volume 1!  Of which I just ordered a copy to fondle.

You can also see some larger images and works in progresses and things (like, the original colors for the back cover, since I had to tweak them a bit to be harmonious with the front cover) over at my tumblr or the Metacarpolis tumblr.

So anyway, that's the current bit of my slowly-meting-out-news-to-you-as-my-buffer-vanishes screed.  Now, future me is going to enjoy the rest of my short Houstonian vacation before being back in office on Wednesday.

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