Posted September 2, 2019 at 12:00 am

Apologies for the millionth time for the radio silence, just been a whole lot going on.  Got a bunch of snakes, helping start a new HEMA school, doing freelance work, etc. etc. Can't promise I'll be back forever, right now I'm still pretty much in the thick of it and I'm only able to give my time to comics when I'm at least someone getting other things taken care of.  

I wanted to also state that I am going to be shutting down my Patreon for a while.  I don't really feel comfortable having it up when I'm definitely not going to be able to guarantee anything for the immediate future.  That's not the only reason however, as I'm going to be help test some alternatives that I've been looking into and communicating with the dev teams on.  There's some intriguing options out there that might work better for comics and are able to avoid some of the economic politics that Patreon is stuck with due to being founded on venture capital, which has been a big sticking point for a lot of Hiveworks folks and we've been searching for alternatives.  So if you see things on that, I might be trying some of those options out but do not feel obligated in any way to contribute as I am mostly testing the internal features.  I'll be sure to post links here once I'm comfortable publicizing those platforms, and I might post early updates and other fiction/shorts early on there to encourage people to give feedback on the platforms.

Also in the interim, I finally got in the pins I was working on previously and I also made some in joke patches for my swords friends!  They look like this and you can buy them here.

Now that that's out of the way, here are some pictures and videos from the past few months.

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