Posted March 3, 2016 at 12:00 am


I am back from my travels, but at the end of my travels I.... may have broken my hand? Or finger? It's not clear yet.  I got it x-rayed today so hopefully I will know tomorrow! Till then, my pinky and ring finger on my left hand are haphazardly taped together in an effort to prevent further stupidity.  Also, you'd think that being only half-able to use one's non-dominant hand wouldn't hurt my ability to draw too much, but I colored this page today and WOW was I thrown off my game.  Part of that is that I use my left hand to use shortcuts in photoshop, but I also just felt... off-kilter.  How odd, and hopefully that won't interfere with my ability to draw pages too much because I want to be back on schedule at least until I leave for Japan in two weeks!

In other news, I'M LEAVING FOR JAPAN IN TWO WEEKS!  I've got some plans for some worldbuilding filler type stuff to put up while I'm traveling and training, so look forward to that!  Regular pages will probably be suspended for a few weeks while I'm getting settled, but I'll definitely update you guys when I have a better idea when I'll be getting back on track.

Fortunately, my broken whatever leaves me with two perfectly good fingers with which to press the LB and LT buttons on my PS4 controller, so I was gonna start a waste of skin (lowest possible level, no leveling up) run in Bloodborne tonight! So I'll be starting around when this page goes up at midnight EST.  See you if you like watching me die a WHOOOOLE BUNCH.  Like, I'm not very good at not getting hit by bloodborne bosses so... this should be interesting.

EDIT: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! My doctor says my hand's not broken, so I shall resume HORRIBLY MISTREATING IT while it heals.  Huzzah!

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