posted February 4, 2016 at 11:05 pm


Yeah, I'm kind of swamped right now with work and preparing for Japan.  But hopefully I can do a someone regular schedule until then, which is mid-March! I have my ticket and everything.  And then there'll probably be a hiatus for at least a few weeks... yeah.

Thing is, I have to do training when I first get there, and then after that there's the slight issue of finding a scanner.  I'm sure they have scanners that do what I need in Japan (I would HOPE so, for chrissakes), but trying to get things done to my specifications while navigating Japanese might be more of an issue.  Hopefully I can continue to do pages in traditional media (well, the lines at least) because it's honestly one of the few things I do that has me not staring directly at a computer screen, but if there's a transition to full digital pages, it's because I succumbed in agony to the Japanese language.

Well, here's a page! I don't know that the next one will be on Monday, but there should be another page by next Thursday at least.