posted August 27, 2015 at 12:00 am

Well, I mean, I already had a job. But now I have MORE JOB. A JOB THAT INVOLVES TEACHNG SMALL CHILDREN IN JAPAN. 

I won't go over till at least the end of March but DAMN am I happy to have something put together for the future instead of NOTHING.



I’ve been spitballing a couple of ideas about what to do with the current $5 tier of my patreon recently.  I think most of the people on that tier have basically gotten their ebooks, so I’d like to do something else a bit more fun.  I’d like to do some monthly sketch comics whose subject matter is based on suggestions by the $5 tier people (so, basically any stupid non canon things people want to see like wottabout’s speculation in which Cecily ditches everyone else and Metacarpolis becomes a road trip comic, or questions for characters, or whatever). I would ultimately be the one picking out of the suggestions (so I don’t get forced into doing something that would be spoilery or otherwise a bad idea) but the suggestions solely come from $5 pledges for that month.

How does this sound? Should the sketch comics be open to everyone or exclusive to $1 or $5 patrons? Do y'all have something else you’d rather see? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment!

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