posted Aug.17.14 at 10:00 pm

Hey guys! I dunno when updates are gonna return to normal, especially since my tablet pen was crapping out just as I finished this and I don't have a backup.  But obviously things have been delayed, mostly due to LIFE DEVELOPMENTS.

Life developments mostly meaning that grad school is on hold and I'm moving back to Houston.  My funding got cut due to the class I was TAing seeing a drastic drop in enrollment, and I got the news waaaaaaaay too late to look for other sources of funding.  But I'm not terribly torn up about it, because I wasn't really enjoying Seattle and I'm a bit tired of getting the student treatment (especially considering I'm a few years younger than most of the people I was going to classes with--people in environmental science don't usually go straight into grad school).  So, I'm going to be looking into getting some more work experience, and like... getting paid more than a student's stipend, because being a poor student all the time sucks.  And if that doesn't pan out, than I'm planning on getting my teaching certificate, because I can.

You'd think this would mean that I'd have more time for comics, but right now I've still got other employment and I'm going to be helping my parents move house and moving out of my apartment soooo it might be a while till you see me updating 2-3 times a week.  But I'm gonna be doing what I can!  I guess the good news is that my health has definitely improved, though I'm still pretty anemic.  

I'm going to update as much as I can in the upcoming weeks, but things will be spotty for a while.  Later!

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